After a year of planning, this happy couple was blown away as their plans turned into a reality. With a bridal party of just over 20, they were able to show off their moves as they began the night breaking it down to old school music for  the grand entrance into the main ballroom. As family and friends enjoyed cheering for the entrance of the bridal party, they had no idea what was about to happen next. The bride and groom dominated the grand entrance into the main ballroom when coming up through the center of the stage in the Pier 9 elevator to the Dark Knight theme song. With all of the guests jumping out of their seats and running to the dance floor with cameras in hand, this happy couple walked down the red carpet stairs onto the dance floor filled with the family and friends for their first dance as husband and wife. Their is no better feeling than watching your hard work turn into a reality. That is what you will find at a Bonura Hospitality Venue, come in for a visit and let us their your vision into a reality.

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